About Grayson Technology


I’m Paul, Grayson Technology is my company. You can read more about what we do here or if you’re technically inclined, you can see some github profile.

Find out more about Paul Grayson via LinkedIn.

Here’s some things people have kindly written about me:

Paul is an analytical guy with a lot of experience in both online marketing and technology. More than just generating new marketing ideas, he also knows what it takes to execute these ideas. A rare but very useful combination of skills!

Arthur Kosten, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Booking.com

Paul is an excellent development manager, a high calibre coder in his own right, combining high levels of creativity and data-driven discipline to provide business-relevant technical solutions. He is also a strong people person, able to lead teams of developers, both to meet the technical programme and improve their skills base.

Matt Witt, Chief Operations Officer, Booking.com

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